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Swimming with Humpbacks - click here

Moorea, French Polynesia- Aug/Sep 2017

Ever wanted to swim with whales? Here is your chance to head to one of the most idyllic and mere definition of paradise, Moorea Island in French Polynesia. For 7 days we will head out to find humpback whales, and jump in the water with them to experience the wonder that is sharing the ocean with a 40 tonne animal. We will also have the option to look for other animals including dolphins, pilot whales, sharks, rays and loads of other marine life.

Swimming with Sperm Whales Dominica- click here

November 24th- December 1st 2017

Dominica might be the epicentre of this amazing opportunity to swim with the largest carnivore on the planet. However, few get to do it, and fewer can take guided trips due to the permitting process. I will be taking a guided group to Dominica in 2017 to spend 7 days swimming with these amazing animals. Under the permit these are very small groups up to 6 maximum.



Neeraj Jhanji - Mozambique 2016

“I went along with Caine after meeting him on a flight back from Hawaii. I had so much fun going diving with him in Mozambique to see the sharks. The adventure was unique and the company was great. Most of all, I felt safe diving with and learning from an experienced marine biologist. He is skilled, caring and fun. Opportunity of a lifetime, will go with him again!”

Ariane Lamy - Mozambique 2016

"Just finished a diving trip organized by Caine and really impressed. The trip was to Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, and from arrival in Johannesburg to the end of the trip everything went perfectly well. From Hotel booking, transfer, border crossing, lodge in Ponta and of course diving. Not to forgot that Caine knows this place as we say in French “like his pocket” and it was nice to have his insight on the diving sites, the fauna, and some photography tips. It was also a very nice group, mixing very different people. Caine’s idea to visit and organize trip off the “beaten diving destination” is also a great idea. It changes from the usual destination, give another perspective to a dive trip. I will sign up and I’m really looking forward for the next one."

Expedition Ethos 

Welcome to my expeditions page. To the right are links to the expeditions I am running in 2017. My goal is to take you to places that are off the beaten path, unique,  less travelled, and hopefully full of unique and exciting animal encounters. 

With my extensive background in marine biology and conducting research and field trips all over the world, I bring a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Not only that, but with an insiders knowledge of hard to reach places, and destinations with unique animal encounters I aim to build adventures for you that no-one else has. 

As a life long adventure seeker, I am always looking for uniqueness in my travels, be it, an obscure town in a popular country, an unknown peak somewhere between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, or free diving on a coral reef off a remote Pacific Island I like to bring home stories that few or no-one else has.

When it comes to travel these days, it can be hard to find an adventure that rings true to that goal, but I find that a good mix of the planned with unexpected, going somewhere beyond the comfort zone, and a little risk makes for a true expedition and adventure, not to mention a few laughs, and stories to take home. After all, whats an adventure without stories to tell.

I do hope you can join me...

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