Sperm Whales Dominica - 2017 - Delacy


Swimming with Sperm Whales

November 24 - December 1

Dominica might be the epicentre of this amazing opportunity to swim with the largest carnivore on the planet. However, few get to do it, and fewer can take guided trips due to the permitting process. 

I will be taking a guided group to Dominica in 2017 to spend 6 days swimming with these amazing animals. Under the permit these are very small groups up to 6 maximum. 

I've charted a boat just for us, and we'll get 8 hours a day to find and swim with these gentle giants. Given the population in Dominica is year round, we predict a high likelihood of frequent encounters. Those times when we're not seeing them, there are plenty of other mammals to keep us occupied, here's just a few that are commonly seen, Remember though, nothing is guaranteed, and they are wild animals, its up to them if they are around. 

        - False killer whales

        - Spinner, bottlenose,  and spotted Dolphins

        - Pilot whales

Our guide will be seasoned professional and member of the Dominica Sperm Whale Project research team Purnell. He lives there year round and collects ID and acoustic data on the sperms whales. His in-depth knowledge and access to cutting edge research on this population of Sperm Whales will be an invaluable resource on contribution to your expedition. 


Day 1. Land in Dominica and be transferred to Roseau on the South west side of the island

Day 2- 7. Breakfast then head out to swim with Sperm Whales and anything else we see!!!

Day 8. Transfer back to Airport for your flights home.


6 Days on the water 

Transfers to and from airport

Permit, Vessel, Captain and Guide fees

Lunch and non-alcoholic drinks on board vessel



Accomodations (~100 per night per room)

Breakfast and Dinner


Private Transfers


Additional expenses (alcoholic drinks, gifts, personal expenses)

Travel Insurance (Required and proof presented via email) 

Images on this page were taken by my good friend Shane Gross (www.grossphotographic.com) while in Sri Lanka, however conditions in Dominica and equably exceptional - clear blue water and close encounters.

 I look forward to shooting my own content with you on this expedition. 

Refund Policy

All trip costs are subject to change without prior notice until your reservation is confirmed. A deposit of 25% of the total trip price is required to secure space on the trip. Full payment is due no later than 90 days before departure. Any space not paid for in full by then will be resold.Cancellation Policy Must be made in writing. 90 days or more before trip: Deposit will be refunded in full. 90 days or less before trip: Deposit will be refunded if space is sold, less unrecoverable costs of sales, and administration costs. No refund is made for unused part of the itinerary.

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