Why Adventure with me? - Delacy

Why go an Adventure with Me?

The Approach

Picking a travel company to take you on a break away from the real world can be challenging. I for one don't know where to begin. So all of my travels and adventures are self curated. This approach I bring to the trips I curate for my guests. I avoid the well trodden paths, or the "bucket list" craze and focus on the adventure and the stories we get to return home with. Adventure first, everything else second. 

No Ordinary Guide

Not only do I aim to curate  a unique experience for you when you join my trips. But there is the added bonus of having me as your guide! It sounds odd, but I come with some extra value. Given my background with a PhD in marine ecology, focussing on coral and temperate reefs all over the world, with studies conducted on fish, sharks, and whales, you're sure to have your questions about the marine world, conservation, and the animals we are seeing answered. 

Learning about photography is part of the trip

If you're a seasoned professional, I'm going to do little more than help you get the space you need to get the shot, help change your batteries, fix any gear, and generally be your photo assistant. If you're an amateur,  or a GoPro wielding adventurer I can help you maximise your photography goals and help refine your technique, approach, visualisation, conceptualisation, and how to to get the best image with the gear you have – what ever it is. 

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